Finally there's a college ranking you can use. You no longer have to choose between going to a party school, or wasting your college years in the library.



--The website PayScale took the college rankings for highest mid-career salary, and combined them with the Princeton Review's rankings of the best party schools.



--The new hybrid list gives you the Top Party Schools That Pay. In other words, you can have all the booze and promiscuous sex of college, and not have it hurt your paycheck afterward.



--The school that tops the list is . . . the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne. They finished 18th on the party school rankings, but graduates start with an average salary of $51,500, and they earn $94,300 by the middle of their career.



--The University of California at Santa Barbara came in second place. They're the eighth best party school, and grads start at $47,300 and make $91,000 by mid-career.



--The rest of the top five are the University of Colorado, Boulder . . . the University of Maryland . . . and the University of Texas, Austin.



--The University of Georgia, which topped the 2010-11 Party School rankings, finished 15th in the combined party-salary rankings.



(Huffington Post)