People have been telling me for years that I was insane because I wanted to make my living in radio. It may have been dumb from a financial perspective because the pay sucks, but I love my job and wouldn't trade it for the world. An insane choice at making money would be what this Northern Irish fella did (kinda brings new meaning to searching for a pot of gold...)

Paul Moran's bizarre plan to get stinking rich by turning his poop into gold has landed him in jail.

He thought his bathroom breaks would make him flush with cash if he kept his own waste and heated it to produce the precious metal, at his government-subsidized apartment in Enniskillen, in the province's southeast.

However, the Belfast Telegraph reported his bizarre plan turned out to be a waste of time when he caused £3,000 ($4,735) worth of damage after placing his own feces on an electric heater in July.

The landlord was alerted by a strange smell, the police were contacted, and Moran was hauled off to jail (although I think a mental institution would of been a better choice).

...I realize that the Irish are known as heavy drinkers, but how much Bushmills did this guy consume? I've been known to drink a lot of whiskey but never once did I think it was a good idea to crap in my hand, heat it on the stove to turn it into gold. Maybe, I've been drinking from the wrong bottle or something, but either way this man needs a padded room and some rubber diapers.

(I imagine him to look something like this....