Hey, rockaholics!  Tonight's the final Sunday night Homegrown show, so I hope you all plan to tune in.  We start bigger and better local rock promotion next week (not tomorrow, but the following Monday.)

This is a bittersweet time for me...I'm doing my last show interview with IDLE of the Peach tonight (was supposed to have a couple of more special guests, as well...but they weren't able to make it. Sorry, gang!)  It's been my pleasure to introduce you to new regional acts and chat with the bands you love most.  Thanks to YOU for taking the time to listen and respond.  We're gonna go out with a bang...tons of laughs...and lots of great "rock talk."  I'd love for you to join us for that.

Don't forget...the Friday night Homegrown Live shows at the Riverside Warehouse WILL go on!  So I'll see you out there soon. : )