I found this funny due to the whole irony of it allAlthough we have all kinds of modern inventions that have made the work of the "cowboy" obsolete, we still have many people who believe they are cowboys. The other day I was with my nephew and we were watching some of these cowboys work some cattle in a nearby pasture. Now before I continue, let me remind everyone again that things like barbed wire fences, big rigs, trucks, and trailers have basically eradicated the need for a cowboy on a horse. But there are still some, like the guys we were watching, who prefer to do things the hard way. So as we were watching, one of the cowboy's horses goes nuts with him on the back of it and takes off running as fast as he can. The horse is in a dead sprint when all of the sudden it just stops, but the cowboy continued through the air. He went face first into the trailer they were trying to load the cattle on to. To our surprise, he got back up. I heard things said like," Shake it off" and "cowboy up". He did so for about fifteen feet and then he cowboyed down.  It would have been Youtube Gold.