Some people may love cars, but lets hope for the sake of our species not quite as much as Edward Smith of Washington.

This 61 year old man has admitted to having sex with 1,000 cars.  So, I guess that would make him an automobile-sexual?But, he's just not into cars, he likes automobiles of all makes and models.  Smith told The Telegraph number 1,000 was special, she's a Volkswagen Beetle that goes by the name of Vanilla.  According to Smith, they are currently going steady, but they are not exclusive.  Smith is also hooking up with other cars.

He admitted that his "first" was when he was just 15, but sadly he didn't go in any more detail on that or how he expresses his "love" for his car of choice.  He says he's never had any sexual feelings towards any humans, male or female.

The Telegraph