Shreveport Fire Station 8 is going to need the help of one hell of an attorney to put out this fire.

That’s because three of their firefighters, 26-year-old Clint Richardson, 37-year-old Billy Glass and 34-year-old Jason Vaughan, were recently charged with cruelty to the infirm and principal to prostitution. However, earlier this week, the three appeared in Caddo District Court and entered a plea of not guilty.

Interestingly, the three firefighters’ captain, Captain Derrick Harris, pleaded not guilty to the same charges earlier last month, and is due back in court later this year to answer to his crimes.

The three firefighters, who have since been fired from their duties, are accused of playing some extremely distasteful pranks on a couple of disabled visitors of Fire House 8, ranging from locking them on the roof of the fire station and forcing them to consume human urine. Sort of gives new meaning to playing with a fire hose, doesn't it?

In addition to mentally torturing their victims and forcing them to gargle pee, the firefighters are also accused of purchasing an illegal prostitute and persuading a 58-year-old mentally disabled man, with the aptitude of an 8 or 9-year old child, into having sex with her in the fire house restroom while they watched. Who runs this fire house - Caligula?

There were a total of seven firefighters accused of wrongdoing, including four that were placed on administrative leave and have since returned to their jobs.

On a positive note: It appears as if house fires in the vicinity of Fire House 8 are on the decline.