Sure kids are cute on the outside, but underneath that harmless exterior is a dark, brooding hell spawn capable of heinous crimes.

Police in Pennsylvania, report that a three-year-old boy somehow got hold of a blowtorch, fired it up, and went on a path of total destruction that caused nearly $5,000 in damage.

He set fires in his family's garage and a neighbor's porch; burning a porch swing, a broom, a sliding door, a deck, and an igniter on a gas grill that miraculously didn't explode.

He was caught unharmed after a passer-by reported seeing a toddler walking down the road, wearing only a T-shirt and carrying a blowtorch. His dad was at work at the time, and his mom was asleep. She was reportedly exhausted.

And it's no wonder with a kid like this. I mean, during his terrible twos he took a flamethrower to the neighbor's dog. If the parents aren't around now, they  will probably leave the country once this kid becomes a teenager.

Although, I guess you can't really blame the kid, he was drunk from a night out with Charlie Sheen.