All indications point to a new Tool album...either late this year or early 2013. But before they get back to work on the project we all are chomping at the bit for, there are other things Maynard and the boys have to deal with. Danny Carey played a few shows with Volto!, Maynard released a new Puscifer album and has scheduled a spring tour, and Tool is actually on the road playing a few shows.

Puff and I managed to score a couple of tickets for one of the sold out shows in Dallas a couple of weekends ago. I have to say - whether one thinks it was a stellar performance or not - it was f@#*ing amazing to see Tool in a smaller venue (Verizon Theater)! I wish I had some pix or video to share, but the tickets plainly said "Absolutely no audio or video recording devices allowed!" Ordinarily, I wouldn't give the ass of a rat.....but I have been booted out of a few A Perfect Circle shows for taking photos, so I know Maynard ain't fooling around!

Fortunately, someone at the opening show in Reno had much larger cojones than me, and got the entire show on video! Watch it now before it gets yanked off the interwebs by some lousy suit in Tool's record company's legal office: