When it comes to drinking whiskey, chasing women and raising all kinds of hell, there is only one group of guys who do it better than us here at 99X, and that is Jesse James Dupree and the bad boys of Jackyl. Jackyl will come in to town, rock your balls off, steal your girlfriend, drink all your booze, and go home knowing they did their job. To put it simply, they are straight forward, kick ass rock and roll!  So, to celebrate the end of summer and some of the best times we'll never remember, here is the list of essential Jackyl tunes! Enjoy and hopefully we'll see Jesse and the boys again sometime soon.

1. she loves my cock

2.the lumberjack

3. she's not a drug

4.locked and loaded

5. encore


7. when will it rain

8. my moonshine kicks your cocaine's ass

9. redneck punk

10. secrets of the bottle