I was cleaning out my closet yesterday and while I was throwing out a bunch of crap, I stumbled upon a copy of Type O Negative's 'Bloody Kisses' (on cassette -- who knew any of those still were in existence?) that I bought WAY back in 1994. And all of a sudden, I got hit with a wave of nostalgia.

Back then, I was just a snot-nosed kid. I didn't know dick about rock music or metal or any of that, hell I was probably listening to New Kids on The Block or some crap. But that album changed the course of my life. It was the album that really turned me onto rock.

So, I basically owe it to Pete and the guys for helping me stay away from crap music, putting some hair on my balls, and ultimately leading me to a career in rock radio. So, in honor of the memory of Pete Steele (who died on this day back in 2010), here are my Top 10 Favorite Type O tunes. Hope you enjoy!

Black No. 1


Love You to Death

My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

I Don't Wanna Be Me

Creepy Greenlight

The Profits of Doom

Wolf Moon

Summer Breeze

Christian Woman

Life Is Killing Me