Over the past few weeks, we've been asking folks to send us pics of their ugly tattoos for a chance to win a $1,000 cover up from Pens & Needles and tickets to Motley Crue. And honestly, these tattoos were much worse than I ever expected. Some of these tattoos are just god awful! It was a tough challenge to narrow it down to just 10. From here on out, it's all up to you. Vote on who you feel has the worst tattoo.


Right out of High School I wanted a tattoo bad and a friend said he was doing tats. I excitedly told him I wanted one because it was free. Well when I showed up to his place he was drunk and a a little toasty but I thought what the hell what's the worst that could happen. Being that its already going terrible I figured to just let him finish it. I look away for a moment and I hear him say this thing needs a goatee I look back and he started a goatee at the bottom. It is horrible. I've been wearing it for 6-7 years now and would love to see it gone.


I'm really into fishing and my friends told me about a guy who tattoos out of his trailer home. So I went there and he said he could hook me up with a badass shark, and I ended up with this sh*t that everybody gives me sh*t over.


I got this crooked, faded ugly cross right after my 6 year old passed away. I didn't check around to see who did good work & went to an inferior tattoo shop...lesson learned

When I was 20 (I'm now 34) I dated a guy who was in a singer in a local band. This was the bands "logo". I was intelligent enough to get it tattooed on my back to show support of him and his band. Needless to say I am now married (to someone else) with 3 kids with this horrible tattoo that will cost me an arm and a leg to have covered up!


A rough night of drinking and contemplating human life made me think how complicated life is. You know, kinda like a puzzle. Now I'm just contemplating how to get rid of it.


As a teenager I always wanted a tattoo, but my father always told me I had to be 18 and out of his house. Well when I turned 18 I was in basic training. After basic I went to Tech school. One day while in tech school a group of us were bored and decided it was a perfect time to get tattoos. I went into the tattoo shop and had no idea what to get so I figure why not get my moms name Joanne . So the guy sits me in a chair and free hands her name and I starts to tattoo. Well it's been about 2 years and people still ask me why I have "Go Anne" tattooed on my arm. I'm tired of staring at it and want it covered.

In Arkansas, with ex. Wanted tattoo but didn't know what. I hate this tattoo. Want to do a tree on my side that comes around and the trunk covers it.

#1 Put a strippers name on me.
#2 Realized how stupid that was.
#3 Let a buddy try to cover it.
#4 I'm a Dumbass...

This is a prime example of why you leave it to the professionals. I attempted to tattoo myself 8 years ago and this is what I'm left with today. I have really nice work on my legs.. I need this thing covered just haven't had the right person or funds to get it worked out.

I violated so many tattoo etiquette rules with this one I don't even know where to start. I was 18 and under the influence and thought a random tattoo was a great idea. So I went to the first shop I could find (which I later found out had a terrible reputation) and picked out the dragon face you see in the picture. This was before there was a "tramp stamp" so I thought the small of my back was a cool place to put the artwork I had picked out. As you can see, the work was very poor and the placement couldn't have been worse. Because I picked such a dark tattoo and put it in the awkward spot, the only way I can figure to make it acceptable is to turn it into a full back piece. Now I'm in my 30's, I have a wife that doesn't work, and 4 year old twins so money is really tight. I just don't have the extra cash to fix my hideous decision. From afar it looks like a spider, so every time I take my shirt off I get ridiculed about my "spider tramp stamp" which is really none of the above. I honestly wouldn't care what it was covered up with so long as it isn't a tramp stamp anymore, so if I were to win it would pretty much be artist decision as to what can and would go over it. Please help me!! I'm a straight man with a tramp stamp!!