Hurricane Isaac isn't as strong and powerful as we thought he was going to be, but he is still a major pain in the ass. So, to ride out the storm, you need the right supplies: Whiskey, coke, condoms, hookers and some killer tunes.

Here are some of our favorite storm/stripper riding tunes. If you have any tunes you like to jam to during inclement weather, let us know in the comment section.

overscene - thunder rolls

down - when the levee breaks

scorpions - rock you like a hurricane

puddle of mudd - gimme shelter

creed - riders on the storm

mission uk - like a hurricane

the cult - rain

Stevie ray vaughn - texas flood

alice cooper - hurricane years

y&T - hurricane

iron maiden - when the wild wind blows

trivium - rain

ac/dc - thunderstruck

slayer - raining blood

30 seconds to mars - hurricane