Mötley Crüe are the baddest motherf**kers on the planet! From the excessive partying to the insane stage antics, Crüe have been a band of miscreants releasing their kickass version of rock and roll on the world for well over 30 years. So, to celebrate the reemergence of the Crüe, we are gonna count down some of our favorite moments starting with our favorite Tommy Lee Drum moments. If you want to experience the decadence and excess of a Mötley Crüe show, Loudwire.com and 99X are gonna send you to Vegas to kick it with Crüe and see their one of a kind show. To enter click on the link. Plus, how could you not love a drummer that doesn't need sticks to play his kit?

  • 1

    Dr. Feelgood Drum Solo

    Dr. Feelgood is the period in Motley history where they were actually spending their money on things other than drugs. So, this is when Tommy got his first really bad ass drum set up. And things only got crazier from here...

  • 2

    The Spinning Drum Kit

    This is Tommy's first spinning drum kit. Yeah it's not as flashy as Tommy's current set up, but it's still pretty badass. Especially considering this was 1987.

  • 3

    Carnival Sin Tour

    For a guy that doesn't do ounces of coke any more, he sure has a lot of energy!

  • 4

    360 Drum Roller Coaster

    Tommy Lee is not only has a f**king drum roller coaster, but one with a passenger seat! How awesome is that?

  • 5

    Pam Anderson

    When it comes to banging the skins with a big stick, how can you leave out Pam Anderson?