The best part of rock and roll is the diversity. Of course there are a few sh*theads that mess things up, but for the most part the rock community is as tight knitted and close as any on the planet. We jam together, we party together, and we rock out as one. It truly is one of the most amazing phenomenons in the world. So, to celebrate the awesomeness that is rock and roll, here are a few of my favorite rock collaborations. Some of these are straight forward kick ass rock and roll, some contain odd bed-fellows, and others are just down right weird...but at the end of the day, it's all rock and roll and I like it.

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    Blind in Texas featuring Michael Anthony and Vinnie Paul

    It's the raunchiest man in Metal teamed up with the coolest dude from the Spandex Era doing the greatest ode to drinking and partying can this not make the list?

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    Will Ferrell and Dave Grohl doing Leather & Lace

    No Description needed on why this is awesome.

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    Lemmy and Slash- Dr. Alibi

    It's God teaming up with one of the greatest guitar players on the planet! How can this be a bad thing?

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    Steven Tyler, Alice Cooper, and Weird Al- Come Together

    It's two of the most influential artist in rock and roll jamming out with Alice Cooper. This maybe the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

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    Steel Panther with...Everybody they've ever brought on stage

    Technically, Steel Panther could own this entire list. They've had some of the most awesome (and insane) collaborations ever. They've had everyone from Kelly Clarkson to Vinnie Paul to Sully Erna on stage with them, and it is always awesome! Death to all butt metal...I mean but metal.