With Halloween being right around the corner, I figure this would be a good time to throw together a list of the scariest and most frightening performers on the planet. Now, there are a lot of people that make this list, but as always, some folks had to be left off. If there is someone you think I skipped and shouldn't have, let me know!

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    Gene 'The Demon' Simmons

    No person in the rock and roll universe has scared the sh*t out of more kids than Gene Simmons. The Fire Breathing, the Blood, the pounding bass...it's too much for any mere mortal to handle.

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    Rob Zombie

    Rob Zombie is one of the scariest men in the industry. Not only can the guy mind f*ck you with his lyrics and movies, but his stage show is a living, breathing nightmare. He is uncomparable.

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    King Diamond

    Not only is this guy one frightening individual who has written some of the scariest songs in metal, but he's an actual Satan worshiper and could probably put a hardcore spell on your ass.

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    GG Allin

    When you went to a GG Allin show, you literally took your life into your hands. He would brawl with the audience, fling his own crap, and threaten to kill himself (or others) mid show.

  • 1

    Axl Rose

    Axl is one scary dude. Not only can he rattle you to the core with horrible singing but he can devour your entire box of Southern Maid Doughnuts faster than Godzilla can destroy Tokyo. In my book, that puts him firmly on this list.