Let's face it, Christmas sucks. From the horrible, gun shot inducing music to the family gatherings where Grandpa annually craps his pants to the havoc of trying to find the perfect for everyone on your list, Christmas is just a flat out miserable time of year. At least this year there are some cool gifts to pick up for the rocker in your life (or yourself). Check out our top gift ideas below.

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    Slayer Sweater

    We've all gotten that horrible Christmas Sweater from Grandma that we wish we could burn but can't because we have to wear it every year or she'll croak from a broken heart. Don't be an annoying old broad this year, get your special someone an awesome sweater they'll want to wear while killing grandma!

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    Motorhead Booze

    Nothing says Christmas quite like Christmas cheer. And nothing says getting loaded and raising hell like Motorhead! So, get the semi functional alcoholic on your list some of the Motorhead approved booze. They sell wine, beer, vodka, and everything else in between. If it's got a top, you can pop it.

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    Kiss Nutcracker

    A traditional Christmas gift to give are nutcrackers. And if you're going to spend 30 bucks on a nutcracker, you might as well buy one with some balls! You can score the Kiss nutcracker in any of your favorite members, just not Gene's if you know what I mean.

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    3D Album Covers

    McFarlane Toys has put together an awesome collection of 3D album covers including some of the most iconic albums from Metallica and Led Zeppelin.

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    Heavy Metal Cookbook

    For the fan of Heavy Metal and food (Big Daddy Rich?) this book is perfect. Mosh Potatoes features recipes from Zakk Wylde to Motley Crue.