With today being Halloween and all, I figured I'd share my Top 5 songs for Halloween. Halloween is one of the greatest holidays ever and should be celebrated properly. You got parties going on, free candy, and most importantly girls pretending lingerie is a costume and letting out their inner slut. It's great! These are some of my personal favorites, what are yours?

  • AFI- Halloween

    AFI banging out an awesome cover of the Misfits' "Halloween." If this doesn't get you in the mood to party and steal candy from small children, I don't know what will.

  • MARILYN MANSON - This Is Halloween

    What says Halloween like the freakiest man ever singing a frightening song from the Nightmare Before Christmas? Nothing I can think of.

  • Misfits - Monster Mash

    This band takes Halloween serious, they stay in costume all year round! They have several good Halloween jams, but this one just feels right!

  • Alice Cooper - Feed My Frankenstein

    It's Alice Cooper! Need I say more?

  • White Zombie - BoogieMan

    Halloween just wouldn't be complete without a song from Rob Zombie!