If you're going to an office Christmas party this year, you might want to know some of the dos and don'ts to make sure you still have a job the next day.

It's fun to get together with co-workers away from the job site and socialize, but a little too much fun could cause big trouble.
Here are are tips for making this a successful holiday party:

1. Go with a positive attitude
Don't drag yourself to the party dreading every minute of it. People will know you don't want to be there. You might be surprised to find out you really do like some people you didn't think too much of before the party.

2. Dress appropriately
Check with others ahead of time to find out what folks are wearing and adjust your wardrobe accordingly. For ladies, don't use an evening party as an excuse to dress super sexy. Not a good idea for a work party. But do dress nice.

3. Be on time
This is not a club or a neighborhood gathering. This is a company party. Being 'fashionably late' is not appropriate and you might miss out on some of the fun.

4. Mingle
Don't stick with the same crowd you always hang out with. Go chat with some of the folks you might not normally interact with. You might be surprised how much you have in common.

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5. Drink responsibly
This is a company party. The bosses are there. You don't want to show your behind. The best advice is to treat the party as an extension of your work day. You could cause permanent damage to your reputation by getting too tipsy at the party. You might even set a two drink maximum if you think this might be a problem.

6. Eat first before you start drinking
Drinking on an empty stomach is asking for trouble. And be sure to space out your drinks with water and more food.

7. Be helpful
If you see a co-worker getting a little too toasted, step in and have a private chat with them. Explain to them what they are doing and how it appears to other people. If this doesn't work, call them a cab and get them out of there.

8. Be at work the next day
If you're the one not at work the next day, you will be the topic of conversation at the office. Don't be that person. You never know what might be said about you.

9. Go alone
I know you probably want to bring your spouse or significant other, but they really don't want to be there. You might also find that your special person drinks a little too much and that will directly reflect on you.

10. No talk about work
People want to get away from work and socialize. The last thing they want to do is talk about work. If you are tempted to talk shop, forget about it. It's never a good idea. If someone does, bring up a different subject.