You try to raise your kids right, but when they become teenagers, they rebel against everything you hold dear . . . even if you're a white supremacist.



--Lamb and Lynx Gaede are twin sisters who formed the white-supremacist folk group Prussian Blue in 2003, when they were just 11 years old. (--They formed the band at the suggestion of white nationalist leader William Pierce.)



--They performed at neo-Nazi festivals and were featured on VH-1's special "Inside Hate Rock". Their 'hits' included the song "Aryan Man Awake", the album "The Path We Chose", and a DVD titled "Blonde Hair Blue Eyes".



--The girls are 19 now, and like all teenagers, they have rebelled against their upbringing and now reject the white power movement.



--In their first interview in five years, Lamb told a British newspaper, quote, "I'm not a white nationalist anymore. My sister and I are pretty liberal now." And Lynx said, quote, "Personally, I love diversity. I'm stoked that we have so many different cultures."



--And the reason for the turnaround is . . . medical marijuana. Lynx suffers from cyclic vomiting and had a tumor removed from her shoulder. Lamb has chronic back pain. They've both used weed to manage their pain, and credit it with opening their minds.



--Sadly, their minds are still pretty closed though. When asked if the Holocaust happened, Lynx said, quote, "I think certain things happened . . . a lot of the stories got misconstrued . . . Hitler wasn't the best, but Stalin wasn't, Churchill wasn't."



--And Lamb said, quote, "I just think everyone needs to frickin' get over it."



(--I hear that was actually the original marketing campaign for "Schindler's List": 'The Holocaust . . . Everyone Needs to Frickin' Get Over It.')



(The Daily)