This story really burns.

A completely unscientific, but still very interesting chart suggests the worst, most screwed-up thing about Louisiana is that it boasts the highest number of reported gonorrhea cases in the US.

recently re-posted the full graphic
dates back to 2011

Louisianans must hate safe sex, because we have the highest reported cases of gonorrhea in the country. Of course, the statistics date back 10 years (the chart isn't meant to be completely scientific, remember?). Still, it's definitely not a factoid you'd want to share -- kind of like gonorrhea.

Some other shocking figures from other southern states:

  • Texas has the lowest high school graduation rate
  • Mississippi has the highest obesity rate, STD rate and several other statistics we simply don't have room to list
  • Alabama has the most strokes
  • Arkansas boasts the worst average credit score