Louisiana State Police made a unexpected discovery over the weekend after pulling over a US Army Sergeant for a traffic violation – a metric ass ton of marijuana.

According to reports, officers pulled over a Chrysler 200 in Port Allen, Louisiana early Sunday morning, citing improper lane usage as the violation. What should have been a routine traffic stop took a turn for the worse when officers became suspicious as to why an off-duty officer was dressed in full military fatigues at 3:00am. That is when they asked to search the vehicle.

During the search, officers found a duffle bag in the back of the vehicle containing 23-pounds of marijuana. Thirty-year-old Sergeant Horace Brown was subsequently arrested and charged with possession of Schedule I narcotics with the intent to distribute…and the cops even had the nerve to charge him with Improper Lane usage.

First offense distribution of any amount of marijuana in Louisiana comes with a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 5-years.