This morning I arose at 4:00AM like always. I had gone to sleep at 9:30 last night so I didn't know about Usama's death until I got up and looked at the news and saw the headlines. I must say that that is truly outstanding. Now the story that we're getting is a SEAL team of 40 men launched an assault on a hidden compound in Pakistan that resulted in the death of Usama and one of his sons. No Americans were killed in the process but we did lose a chopper. Usama's body was recovered, verified, and allegedly buried at sea. This is a big victory on the war on terror and I would like to commemorate all those who served to fight this war on terror. I really don't want to give the credit to Obama but it's going to be given to him anyway. Personally, I think that this was the only thing during his presidency that is worth mentioning in high regard and this was merely a political move to help him get re-elected next year. But besides all that, Americans should take precaution. I fully expect some form of retaliation so brace yourselves for that. Finally, I would like to say that this is a W for America and should be counted as so and God bless America.