Chances are, you've never heard of the Vaccines (give yourself 10 bonus points if you have). But, EVERYONE has heard of Taylor Swift. And I swear, if one more 10-year-old girl calls the request line and asks for that "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" song again...

I digress...the Vaccines are a punk band from London...not-so-well-known on this side of the pond, but known well enough in Britain to score a chance to perform live on BBC 1 (a pretty big deal over there from what I understand). What do the Vaccines have to do with Taylor Swift, you ask? Well, in that live performance for BBC 1, they pulled out a Vaccined version of the above-mentioned song. Not really punk, but not at all Taylor Swiftish, the Vaccines make the song kinda cool. As cool as a Taylor Swift swift song done by a bunch of sweaty guys can be anyway. The big win? Now we know about the Vaccines, which from all appearances seem to be a band I'd like to hear more from.

Check it out their version of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" here:


And while we're at it, why not check out more from the Vaccines? We owe them that.

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