On their current tour, Van Halen are letting fans shoot video, and recordings from several shows have popped up online. It was only a matter of time before we got an entire show, and it's finally happened. A fan-shot video from the Indianapolis concert (Feb. 22nd, the 3rd stop on the tour) has surfaced, and it's a decent recording of the entire 24-song set.


The set showcased tracks from the entire David Lee Roth era Van Halen catalogue - featuring rarely-performed songs like 1981’s “Hear About It Later” and 1984’s “Girl Gone Bad,” and four tunes from the new “A Different Kind Of Truth” album.

You'll notice that Dave is wearing a headset mic during this show - he used a headset for the first three shows of the tour - but, because of technical difficulties, he went back to his typical handheld...making this show a rarity in the annals of Van Halen concert history. Kick back and enjoy the show, and get ready for Van Halen to hit the American Airlines Center in Dallas on June 20th!!!