When was the last time VH played acoustic...how about 1993 and very few people saw it, until now with a new pro-shot video of a few songs from the event have now surfaced.

Sammy Hagar had appeared at the Bridge School benefit shows in '89 and '92, but when he came out to support Neil Young for the event in '93, he brought someone with him: Eddie Van Halen.

Hagar began his set off with a solo performance of "The Love." Sammy then introduced Van Halen, saying, "If I can con this guy into doing this, man, I can con him into doing anything," as Eddie set up at a black grand piano.

"Love Walks In," and the mega-hit, "Right Now," followed, with strong piano work by Eddie, as Hagar's voiced soared into the night air. Van Halen then pulled out a black Parker Fly guitar, playing the instrumental "Spanish Fly" from VHII, before the pair rocked out with an acoustic version of "Best Of Both Worlds."

What sucks is that I can't embed the video, but here is the link to the video, just click here