Godsmack, Staind, Halestorm, and Man Made Machine are coming to CenturyLink Center on April 19th for X-Fest 2012!  In honor of the return of Godsmack to the Port City, we asked you to submit your 'Most Memorable Whiskey Hangover' stories.  Below, you'll find the stories that moved you the most...the stories that scored a pair of X Fest tickets for those that lived through these 'Whiskey Hangovers"!  By the way, it's Steve-O's photo that's featured on this post.  Let's hope he can actually be up and around  in time for X Fest!


Okay like any good hangover story it begins like this: This one day my girlfriend and I just broke up, so my brother and one of his friends came over to support me (and cheer me up with multiple bottles of Jack Daniels). So they suggest we go out to a bar and help me get a rebound. We go and we all fail to get any women to even look at us, so we all decided to get hammered. We drink straight shots of Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Canadian Hunter. Then my brother and I get the great idea to go to a corn field to look for wild hogs. We get there and I'm laying in the back seat nearly passed out when I come to and look around to see that I'm in a corn field and no one is in site. So I stumble out of the car and start to scream at the top of my lungs "THE CHILDREN OF THE CORN IS HERE!!! WE GOTTA GO BEFORE WE END UP UNDER A DIRTHOUSE!!!". And I'm screaming this for abou t 10 minutes while I'm crying and having corn in places I don't want to mention, but we finally meet up and leave. Just for the record, drinking and driving is a BAD idea. So we're back on the road and I'm in the backseat passed out. Next thing I know that we're in a ditch and my brother is trying to drag me out of the backseat. My brother's friend decided that he was close enough to his house so he would walk back home in the rain at one in the morning. Where as me and my brother come up with brilliant idea of drinking more Jack Daniels and walk down the road. So we are walking and I'm complaining about not being able to see, so I snatch his watch off his wrist and start to run as best as I could with just the watch light to guide me and soon landed in a muddy ditch. He came and got me out of a ditch then he saw a barn with no roof and decided that was where we would stay for the night. So we get there and we lie our heads down for the night. All during the rest of that night we lay in cow dung and were eaten up by fireants. By the time we awoke, we had dung all over us and red marks on every place on the human body. So we start to hitchhike back home where a woman in a blue F-150 picked us up and took us back to my brother's house. We didn't change clothes or even take a shower. For the next 3 weeks his house smelt like shame, whiskey, and cow shit.


Well was a few months ago...was the first time I would be meeting the other side of my gfs family...we are in NC for her couisians getting hitched and the night before the wedding was a big party all her faimly grandma parents and all the faimily I'm just now meeting wellllll I was just drinking light at first *beer* then the couisins pulled out the moonshine *corn wiskey* so I take a shot and continue drinking....I make the comment *this isint sh++* so I took a few more shots waited continued to drink beer...at this point I'm thinking this isint strong stuff...sooo my dumb self grabs a jar turns it up and takes a huge drink....that was my big mistake...about 10 mins later it all hit me at once HARD from what I was told and kinda remember I was shirtless hugging the trees hitting on grandma lol and a hour later face down on the concreat and everyone seen it as a photo sh ot....needless to say that side of the faimly didn't want be drinking at the wedding and from what the gf told me they don't care much for me but I say this *SCREW THEM* I did it big like a rockstar!


Drove across country to Santa Monica. (We went to fulfill my cousins wish of having her ashes put in the Pacific Ocean. She died in a car accident we were in.) We went to the Santa Monica Pier to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp! Spent 400$. Couldnt tell the cab driver which hotel we were staying in. Found the room by the grace of God. Haha then hurled til 8 am in and out of consciousness.. Woke up couldnt remember shit. The pictures and the bill tell me we had an amazing time. Couldnt wait to do it again.


Well i woke up the next day on a merry go round in a park in some weird town like two hours away. I was also wearing a blonde curly wig and and a white dress and of my shoes were broke. So after I get up I start walking around looking for a store or a person but of course there isnt anyone close by so I start walking down highway and hoping to flag down a car eventually. I finally see a car and it stops and I get in and of course I was pretty scared I dont usually jump in just anyones car. He starts talking about this crazy chick that broke into his house and decided to have party and totally trashed the place, and all that was left behind was a hill from a shoe. When I remembered that my shoe had a broken hill on it I thought to myself what the hell happened last night. To this day Im still not sure what happened.


it was payday. got invite to one of the casinos. my husband and i go. we stayed for about an hour. we broke even. our friends say lets go to the hustler club. im like sure i have never been there. by this time i am feeling tipsy. well i have been told that i made it rain at the club. paid for my all of my husbands lap dances. got a dancers phone number.in my husbands eys i became a pimp. husband almost got jumped by a biker gang.that turned into the biker gang getting us even more FUBARed.we had to catch a cab from downtown to mooringsport. our friends left us. i woke up so sick and broke. all and all it was a awesome night!