If you think about it.  It's a perfect match.

Wal-Mart...with a reputation that's been damaged by decades of criticism and legal troubles. Community activists have blamed it for damaging the neighborhoods where it builds its stores. Labor groups have claimed it doesn't treat its workers well. And politicians have called it a poor steward of the environment.  Not to mention the horrible fashion sense of it's customers.

Rush.  A band that's been criticized for being pretentious, pompous, and overblown. Not to mention, that they're a band with Wal-Mart fashion sense (look at photos of the band through the years and tell me I'm wrong!).  A band that until recently (with induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), couldn't - in the words of Rodney Dangerfield - "Get no respect."

Now, though, Wal-Mart is rolling out a new initiative to invest $250 million over the next ten years towards creating new manufacturing jobs in America.  And what better band to help put a shine on that "Hell Yeah America!" initiative than one...from Canada????  But, hey...I guess it's the thought that counts. Check out their new commercial here:

P.S. I still love Rush. And still loathe Wal-Mart - although somewhat less now. Thank you Rush, for helping initiate a treaty...of sorts.