Lady Gaga's song "Applause" is heavy on electronic beats and Gaga's deep hypnotic vocals. However, take four friends with a passion for music, and turn them lose on this song and you get one awesome rock cover.

Kasper, Martin, Jonas and Joel don't have an official band name, but their "Applause" cover was posted by RoomieOfficial, a musician from Sweden. He and his friends turned the pop song into a rock song with a strong rhythm.

The vocals are strong and the video itself is amazing. They introduced a comical approach while rocking it out. Described as an "eyebrow-raising rock cover," it definitely lives up to that moniker.

Delivering covers of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and One Direction, RoomieOfficial leaves no pop stone unturned. Usually a loner musician, playing all the instruments and singing the vocals, he is also known to incorporate friends into his projects. Whether going solo, or backed up by talented friends, the covers are worth listening and rocking out to -- despite the source material.