It just ain't fair. You clean up on Friday night. Put on your best jeans, your favorite Pantera t-shirt (maybe even through a sports coat over it), comb your hair (if you still have any), and brush your teeth.'re ready! Time to hit your favorite watering holes in search of a feisty wumpty to entertain you for a few hours (days? weeks?)...

Then you find yourself in the midst of an ocean of fake boobs, push up bras, ass pads, spanx, girdles, hair extension, and layers of make-up. There's a real chance that you could take home a 9, and wake up with a 2. How do know what's real, and what's not? You don't, and you won't until it's too late in most live with it. With unrealistic expectations pushed upon them since birth, women it seems, will go to any length to emulate the models they look at with envy on the covers of their favorite fashion magazines. Funny thing, though. Most of those photos on the magazine covers ARE FAKE, TOO!

To give you a little idea of what goes on, check out the following video of what can happen to four average women in the hands of a Photoshop expert. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

And the celebrity version: