As the legends of the rock genre get long in the tooth, the voice goes, the riffs don't come like they used to, and some lumber off to die.

Some try to reinvent themselves and adapt modern trends into their sound - and become laughable.

And some like Black Sabbath, stick to what they do so well, and use modern technology to enhance, not detract from their trademark sound. And do well.

Recently, some lost Sabbath video from 1970 was uncovered, and when you watch the video, you realize how much the band has aged...but, when you listen to the audio, it's the same Black Sabbath that wrapped up their latest tour only a few months ago. Albeit, a much more lo-fi version (check out the two mics taped together for Ozzy! Supposedly, it was done a lot back in the day to reduce feedback...and one mic on the entire drum kit!).

Check out the video below:


And for your dining and dancing pleasure, more vintage live Sabbath: