New York, NY -- Americans want to be close with their mothers -- but not that close. According to a survey by Reel Biography, 57 percent want their mom to live within 100 miles of them but only 15 percent want her within walking distance of the house.

DALLAS -- American men don't just think about Mom at Mother's Day -- they also think about women they'd like to hook up with. In fact, 59 percent wish they could find a woman with their mom's qualities.

LOS ANGELES -- Meg Ryan is the top single celebrity mom, according to a new survey by American Singles. Angelina Jolie is close behind Ryan while Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman and Pamela Anderson take up the rear.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Mother's Day is creeping up and most Americans aren't prepared. According to a survey by SBC Communication, more than half have yet to shop for Mom and 20 percent are waiting until the last minute to decide.