Last year, "Harper's" magazine printed highlights from some of the letters people wrote to CASEY ANTHONY while she was locked up in Florida, waiting for her trial.

But now that she's about to be a free woman . . . who can actually INTERACT with these people if she wants . . . they take on a whole different feel. CREEPY doesn't even begin to describe them.

A few of the many, many highlights . . .

"My name is Leon. I'm doing a twenty-year bit for involuntary manslaughter, tampering with evidence, abduction, and abuse of a corpse. It sounds worse than what it really is."

"I can understand what you are going through. My brother died when he was 24, and things were kind of suspicious. Then my father wouldn't even give me any of my brother's ashes. But the point is I feel for you."

"I'm kind of quiet and reserved, but I'd like to become more outgoing, and I've noticed as your case is going on that you're pretty outgoing and liked to go out and have fun at parties and stuff. I know most people say that wasn’t a good lifestyle, but I'd like to become more like that in general."

One related note: According to ABC News, Anthony's fans have sent her $472.18 worth of checks since the trial. Most donations have come from men.

(Harpers / People)