Sure, the Ramones were punks, but that don't make them bad, right?

With the recent passing of Tommy Ramone, we've now lost all four of the original punk rock heros (Dee Dee died in 2002, the same year the Ramones were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Joey preceded him in death in 2001; Johnny followed in 2004), which begs the question, "Where do Ramones go when they die?"

According to the guys (girls?) at Funny or Die, they DO go to Heaven. But staying there...that might be an issue. It's seems they've already run into some problems in the afterlife, and you can get the rundown here:

Note: Okay, so you can't get the rundown here...mainly because Funny or Die hit me with a copyright notice. After three years of pimping their site (and videos) on-air, here on the website, and on Facebook, they want to hit me with a copyright violation? Sounds like someone is gtting too big for their panties, and don't need free advertising anymore. Fine. I'll link to the video on their page below the 'banned video' - only because I lured you here under the pretense of watching a video...but rest assured, I will never mention their ungrateful asses again...

Watch the Ramones video here: