The typical office has arguments over things like their favorite "Breaking Bad" character and the best place to have lunch. This isn't your typical office.

With SOiL playing Festapalooza on September 14 and their new record "Whole" due out on August 20, we started discussing (read: arguing about) which of their five albums is the best one. Help us settle this.

You've probably heard us jamming "Shine On" from the upcoming "Whole." The album marks the return of founding member, singer Ryan McCombs, who's been back with the band since 2010.

If you want to hear SOiL rock that track and all their best songs live, grab your tickets to Festapalooza right here. You'll save a little cash buying them now, which means more beer money for the show! You'll thank us later. Now, go vote!

Watch the video for SOiL's 'Shine On' Below