Guys, we have finally been one-upped by the ladies in our life if they are reading "Fifty Shades of Grey."

According to Indian Express, that book is turning an entire generation of women into insatiable sexual freaks. Great news, right?











Maybe not.

According to a new survey, more than half of men whose wives or girlfriends have read "Fifty Shades" say they're having trouble keeping up with their woman's new sexual attitude. Here are the stats:

- 55% of the men say they feel like they're under more pressure to improve their performance and try new things now that their woman read the book.

- 26% say the book has made their sex life better.

- 19% say it's had no impact positive or negative and ended up sleeping in the wet spot.

It isn't all that bad, guys, according to the survey, the biggest demand men get after a woman reads "Fifty Shades" is sex more often.

Second demand because of this literary masterpiece is more variety

Third on the list, the women are demanding men to last longer.

I am not sure why more men aren't reading this book, supposedly only 5% of the men surveyed say they've read the book or plan to read it themselves. Don't bother worrying about what other guys will think, reading this book is like doing homework for the test. Be a Boy Scout...BE PREPARED!!!

BTW, reading Cosmo is a good idea, too.