It's not an intestinal worm, it's a wave form showing amplitude modulation and frequency modulation...duh!  Today is Heinrich Rudolf Hertz's birthday...

No, not the rent a car guy...the German dude that clarified and expanded the way to prove the existence of electromagnetic waves using engineering instruments to transmit and receive radio!  Now, I know what you're thinking...why in the HELL do I care.  The answer?  It allows us to bring you radio, wi-fi, and X-rays.

Let me put it to you this way, without Hertz's work, we wouldn't have the internet on wifi -OR- radio as you know it, which would mean all those musicians wouldn't be famous, which would mean no groupies, which would mean no radio rock stars, which would mean no way for Puff to get laid at all.


Although it's not the first time a corpse assisted in our shinanigans, from all of us (especially Puff) here at 99X, thank you dead German guy for helping Puff get laid.