Back in the day, when 99X was the Rebel Rocker,  we were one of the first radio stations to ever play Creed,  and they're still good friends of the station  -  but this is to good to pass up on.

Earlier in the week, a 13 year old boy was walking home from school in Norway. He was listening to music on his phone when he suddenly found himself face to face with a pack of wolves.

He then remembered something that his parent had told him about never running from wild animals but instead to stand his ground and make as much noise as possible.   So he cranked up  Creed's Overcome on his phone's speakers (apparently that's as heavy metal as he gets) and started flapping around and singing.  The wolves tucked tail and ran away.

This kid is either the William Hung of Norway, or the music of Creed is the leading cause of suicide in the wolf community.

Creed- parody of with arms wide open