We've got a story today out of London that's about the absolute WORST blind date ever. Yes, even worse than the one you had where the person who showed up was an honest-to-God troll. Like, they actually lived under a bridge and everything. 42-year-old Sarah Kemp of Edinburgh, Scotland met 47-year-old George Bentley of London on a dating site. Last week, Sarah traveled to London so they could meet face-to-face and go on a date. About an hour in, they realized two things. One, they had great chemistry. And two . . . the reason for that chemistry was probably because they're LONG LOST SIBLINGS.

And, because we KNOW you're thinking it . . . they figured that out before things got anywhere close to being all sexual and weird. They grew up together until their parents divorced in 1975. Sarah was five and George was 10 at the time. Sarah moved with their mother to Scotland . . . and George stayed in London with their father. And they completely fell out of touch. George says, quote, "I had absolutely no idea where she was. I [searched], but after a while, I think both Sarah and I gave up looking." Now that they've reconnected, they say they're going to work on rebuilding their relationship . . . as siblings.