The big concert announcement this week from Municipal Auditorium is that Wynonna Judd is coming to town August 14. Now, in all honestly, I could give the ass of a rat less. (Now, if her sister Ashley was coming to Deja Vu, that would be a different story.)

But, this announcement did inspire me. It inspired me to crank up the mad genius Maynard J. Keenan and Puscifer. After that, it was all downhill.

In case you weren't aware, Puscifer have a song called 'Country Boner' and one of the lyrics in this well underrated masterpiece refers to MJK having sexual relations with the Judds.

So, being my usual mischievous self, I decided to troll Wynonna a bit by tweeting at her about her show and include the NSFW video for "Country Boner."

One of two things then happened: 1) Either Wynonna Judd has a really good sense of humor and decided to retweet us; or 2) her/someone that works for her saw our tweet and thought, 'Oh wow, even The Rock Station is happy we're coming to Shreveport!' and retweeted us.

Either way, this really tickled my pickle. Enjoy the Puscifer and the stupidity of Wynonna.