Seems as though the USA isn't the only country that takes a census of their people. The Czech Republic does as well, and it seems that the Death Star may looming closer than we think.

Either that or we have a lot of nerds living at home in their parent's basement.

According to Time magazine, when Czech Republic census came out, it shows a rising new religion based on Star Wars, over 15,000 people claim Jedi Knight as their religion of choice.  And yes, there is a Jedi Church. But Wait, if you think this is exclusive to the Czech's think again, they are an online church, which claims to have affiliations around the world with churches in Brazil,  Canada, New Zealand and in the USA in Maryland, Tennessee and (no surprise) California.

I am open to all kinds of religious beliefs and granted Star Wars deals with the battle between good and evil, but how retarded do you have to be to claim Star Wars as the main influence on your moral fabric?

Next thing you know, the saints will be Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi Wan Kenobi and Princess Laia...then again, they may be.