A mysterious Youtuber, Oilid D., has delivered a metal version of 'You Spin me Round (Like a Record).' The song, originally released by the band Dead or Alive in 1985, was known for its 80s glamour, big hair styles and golden flag line dancing.

Introducing a cowbell, darker vocals and power-house screaming, Oilid D. gives way more emotion to the upbeat, electronic lyrics.

While he doesn’t sport the out-of-this-world 80s hairstyle like the band members from the original music video, his dreads definitely lend power to the overall feel of such a heavy metal rendition.

Tackling such a renowned song and creating a heavy rock-out version is no mean feat, and Oilid D. was ambitious here, using a Schecter 8-string guitar, electronic drums and a Akai LPD8 Laptop Pad Controller to record every part within his home studio.

If you’re a rocker but still like to throw in some oldies, this cover will really rock you round. (Sorry, we had to!)