Every four years, an event happens that has the attention of the entire world. Except for the United States. And I'm not talking about the Presidential election. This one involves a round ball and and a bunch of guys jogging up and down a field. It's called the World Cup, a tournament that features the best-of-the-best in the world in a so-called-sport called soccer (or as they call it everywhere in the world but the U.S., futbol).

This has been going on for decades now, with no one (well, okay...maybe a few random drunks) giving the ass of a rat. This year, something changed.

Until the U.S. teamed stumbled into a 2-2 tie with Portugal, it appeared that the whole country had jumped on the World Cup bandwagon. Well, at least the female part of the country that lusted after all the damned foreigners in tight shorts.

Well, guys...it's time for us to hop on board! In celebration of the the BIGGEST SPORTING EVENT IN THE ENTIRE EFFING WORLD, Sports Illustrated has released a video from a 2010 photo shoot - a photo shoot featuring Sports Illustrated swimsuit models wearing nothing but painted on jerseys from World Cup teams. So give me an “Ole, Ole, Ole”, and a pint of your finest, and let's catch that World Cup bandwagon before it gets away!