What kind of maniacs attempt to fit two drum kits (and other random percussive instruments) into a van?! Check out the 10 Greatest Hard Rock + Metal Bands With Multiple Percussionists.

Watching a band perform with more than one drummer is amongst the rarest phenomena in rock and metal. It’s usually unnecessary, because let’s be honest… drummers have no issue being loud. However, some bands have utilized double drumming to increase their wall of sound and diversify their rhythm section.

Perhaps no rock band has used double drumming more effectively than Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. Multiple drummers really extended Zappa’s reach as an experimental and jam-based musician. Looking back at Mothers of Invention footage will boggle anyone’s mind, and it’s a joy to see Frank’s twisted vision backed up by such talented percussionists.

Slipknot have taken drumming to its zenith in metal. Whether it's a normal drum kit or oversized toms and beer kegs, the nine’s sonic assault is widely amplified by their three drummers. Mushroomhead have used similar tactics to broaden their low end, even throwing in some dazzling visual effects, Blue Man Group style.

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