Metallica fans are in a frenzy waiting for Hardwired… to Self-Destruct to hit stores in November. To celebrate the most exciting period of Metallica’s career in nearly a decade, we put together these 10 Unforgettable Kirk Hammett Moments.

Before Kirk Hammett was recruited into Metallica, he was shredding with Gary Holt as a member of Exodus. We nabbed a clip of Hammett recalling an essential memory of his Exodus band mates, where the musicians cut their hands to made a pact — bonded by blood. You’ll also see Hammett rock out with Exodus onstage during Kirk’s 2014 Fear FestEvil.

As for Metallica memories, we’ll visit those both tragic and lighthearted. You’ll watch Kirk recall the fateful day bassist Cliff Burton died in a bus crash and how Hammett saw Cliff’s lifeless legs sticking out from underneath the wreckage. On a lighter note, we also included video of Hammett contemplating a clear guitar filled with his urine and a backstage moment where Kirk, surrounded by women’s panties, dismisses them as the attire Lars Ulrich chooses to wear onstage.

No compilation of Kirk Hammett Moments could be complete without some shredding, so enjoy some of Kirk’s solos from “Master of Puppets” and "Fade to Black.”

Check out 10 Unforgettable Kirk Hammett Moments in the Loud List above!

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