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Keeping an adequately trained workforce in your community must be a nightmare.  I think that may be one of the toughest parts of running a city and why mayors age at roughly 7 times the speed at which regular humans do.  It's like dog years, but with premium parking at city hall.

My point is - keeping quality businesses filled with a qualified and skilled workforce is key to keeping those businesses in your town.  If attracting the kind of businesses you want to your town is checkers, keeping freshly educated and trained professionals from leaving your town and tanking that crucial business is 3d chess played in a hungry lions den wearing a sirloin necklace.  Personally, I think whoever does that for a living might just have the most stressful job ever.

Unless, of course, you happen to be Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker.  This wily, city administrator has figured out an easy way to entice past graduates from Grambling University and Louisiana Tech back to the fair city of Ruston.  His secret? Cash!

According to the report from the Monroe News-Star, Mayor Walker is throwing down $10,000 for graduates of these 2 esteemed universities who have moved away from the area in an effort to reel the best and the brightest in his community back in.  Is it selfish?  Not if your job is securing the financial future and growth of your city.  It doesn't sound cheap though, does it?

The only way this crazy plan won't bankrupt the city is by following a few guidelines. First, the cash is only available to the first 25 families who move within a 3-mile radius of the Ruston city limits.  Secondly, the offer is only open to GU and LA Tech grads who currently work remotely and live outside a 100-mile radius of Ruston.

Those selected will get 4 payments of $2,500 each, spread out over 3 years.  Reportedly, other businesses are jumping onboard with the effort by offering discounts on everything from sports tickets to purchasing a home!

As far as the funding for this program - that will come from increased taxes on the local sports complex and shopping center and some grants.  Experts say if the plan works, it could bring more than $22 million to the area in around 3 years.

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