Happy Halloween, everybody! To celebrate the devil’s favorite day, we’ve put together a Loud List of 13 Acts That Are Always Ready for Halloween!

Some people look down on bands with “gimmicks,” but everyone on earth respects Alice Cooper. The Godfather of shock rock has been killing (and dying) onstage every night for over 50 years. Artists like Alice Cooper and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins spawned generations of musicians who took their love of horror to the concert stage.

Of the masked bands, none have seen the success of Slipknot. The leaders of 21st century metal, Slipknot continue to bring their maniacal stage show to arenas and stadiums around the world despite zero mainstream radio play. There’s nothing quite like the Nine, so we celebrate them yet again in this Loud List.

As for mad scientist-like genius, the late Dave Brockie is on his own level. GWAR became one of metal’s essential live bands through larger-than-life alien personas and the systematic murder of pop culture icons. GWAR is to be respected for unparalleled conceptual vision, and we’ll be celebrating with our overlords tonight at Toad’s Place!

Check out the 13 Acts That Are Always Ready For Halloween in the Loud List above!

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