There are a lot of things to be afraid of in this day and age. The more you spend time on the computer and the Internet the more you realize just how lucky you are.

One man's viral video is really another man's pain and suffering and it gets played out in front of a worldwide audience that is about as kind as a group of junior high girls at the mall. These are the things that haunt my subconscious mind. As you can tell I have a lot of time to sit and think about things that done' really matter a whole lot.




Here are my 13 fears that I hope I never experience in real life.

1. Having my picture appear on People of Walmart

2. Having someone recognize me from my picture on People of Walmart



3. Being talked to in a public restroom while involved in personal business

4. Clogging the toilet at another person's home and not being able to find a plunger




5. Having my credit card declined or not having enough cash to pay at the register

6. Finding out my dog can talk and has been secretly ratting me out to my wife




7. Tying my shoes in the locker room only to look up and find a naked man standing in front of me

8.The contents of my iPod or MP3 Player being made public

9.The contents of my Internet Browser History being made public




10. Sending a trash talking text to the person you were talking about accidentally

11. Mistaking someone who is fat for someone who is pregnant

12. Having someone over hear my conversations with myself

13. Puking in public




I would be willing to bet you can add to the list so feel free to join in the parade of shame that is life as I know it. The good news is most of this stuff becomes very laughable when it happens to someone else.

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