This Sunday is Father's Day when we celebrate and honor the men that have had so much influence in the lives of most of us.  The day has been observed in Catholic Europe since the Middle Ages on March 19th.  But it took a lot longer for the holiday to officially be recognized and celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June in the U.S.

According to Wikipedia, Grace Golden Clayton of Fairmont, West Virginia, was mourning the loss of her father who had been killed along with 360 other men--250 of them fathers--in the Monongah Mining Disaster in December 1907.  Clayton asked her pastor at Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South to honor all those lost fathers which he did on Sunday, July 5, 1908.

It wasn't until over 60 years later, in 1972, that President Lyndon B. Johnson declared the 3rd Sunday in June to be the national holiday we now know as "Father's Day".

While a tie is great, and going out to eat is fun, most dads just want to spend time with their kids on Father's Day.  Here are three places in Shreveport that are offering activities this weekend.

Dads get in free this Sunday with the purchase of a ticket, or show your season pass and dads get a free pass.  You could even win a 2-hour party for 200 people! Just submit a 30- second video with you lip syncing your favorite song with Dad. Email your video to:  They'll announce the winner on June 21st.

Treat Dad to a Father’s Day Brunch this Sunday from 11am-1pm, then hang around for the classic father-son caper Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade starring Harrison Ford and Sean Connery.  Make reservations by calling 318-459-4125.


Saturday and Sunday dads get in free with the purchase of a child's admission. Activities are scheduled throughout the day.  Learn how to solder and create a pin to show off your skills; learn how to brew homemade root beer using CO2; and challenge dad to a long putt contest using water balloons.


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