If You Love Animals You Probably Already Know About the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana.

The volunteers work tirelessly around the clock to try and find abandoned animals their forever homes and in some rare cases these little pets have multiple applications, and in some unfortunate cases, some animals end up spending a long time at the Humane Society.

One Sad Pup Has Been Waiting for Her Forever Home for Over 380 Days With No Promise in Sight.

If Jane's eyes could talk she would probably have us all in tears. This sweet girl is about to be 6 years old and she has been with the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana for over a year now, she has had 3 families come meet her and all three have walked away from her leaving her behind.

Humane Society of NWLA via Facebook
Humane Society of NWLA via Facebook

Jane's Trusty Sloth Keeps Her Comfort and They are a Packaged Deal.

The one thing that has been consistent for Jane is her pet sloth, so if Jane gets adopted she's bringing her buddy who got her through the toughest days alone. No sloth left behind.

Here is What the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana Said About Jane:

"Jane still awaiting her home for OVER A YEAR!!! Our longest resident
Multiple applications received. Only a few approved.
3 families came to meet her. All 3 said no.
Jane may not be the best with little dogs but she is good with most other large dogs. And she loves her sloth  oh and we were told she was good with cats!
Please help us find Jane a home. Her 6th Birthday is March 17 so I pray we can get her into a home by then
Recommended for a home with no children under the age of 10.
More information and an adoption application"

Do you want to adopt Jane and her trusty sloth? Just click here for more information. 

If You Want to Help Out the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana But Can't Adopt a Pet Right Now, You Can Play Golf for a Great Cause.

Who doesn't want to skip work and go to play golf for the pups?

The Innagrual HSNWLA Classic Golf Tournament Will Take Over the Stonebridge Golf Course on March 25th.

You can get all the info by clicking below.

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