If you see National Guard troops moving through the area, don't be alarmed.  Over 4,000 troops from 18 states will be converging on the Bayou State for what officials are calling "Joint Readiness Training Center Rotation."  Sgt. Mike McGurl of the Vermont National Guard calls it the Super Bowl of National Guard training.

WCAX is reporting that troops from all around the United States will be participating in the largest training exercise of this kind in the last 15 years.  This exercise will take the form of a mock deployment.  The soldiers will be living in a simulated war zone near Fort Polk.  They will deal with conditions they are most likely to face if another emergency deployment order is issued, much like the 2010 deployment to Afghanistan.  Members of the National Guard involved in the exercise will have to operate on little sleep, little food and constant stress.

Weather delayed the loading of some vehicles and equipment, but you could start seeing some of the gear travelling by rail through our area as soon as today.

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